spicexcake (spicexcake) wrote in artists_beware,

WHO: Linka/Linkaton-furaito

WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/linkaton-furaito/

WHAT: Partial refund (Difference of basic template and subscription price, $35)

WHEN: Template subscription paid for on January 4th, request for refund and reminder notes in May and July

PROOF: Proof of payment: http://i.imgur.com/VsKQbIN.png
First note requesting refund and response: http://i.imgur.com/gZR2wct.png
Reminder and response: http://i.imgur.com/XhH4Vdu.png

EXPLAIN: I bought Linkaton's lineart template subscription on early January. It was promised that there would be monthly updates with at least 7 new items in each update. (Details seen here: http://i.imgur.com/Y30fkhM.png) There were a couple of journals regarding the template being delayed for personal issues and I was sympathetic. After a while, however, it got to a point that I felt I had paid for something I was not receiving and may not, as they had suggested in journals they may have bitten off more than they could chew with their queue being the size it was. After several months with no updates, I asked for a partial refund. They apologized, said I would have my refund, but that it may take some time to get back to me. (May 15th/16th) I waited for a bit, noticed they had been posting several notices for commissions, a MYO adoptable event, various streams, etc. I noted them again only to receive yet another noncommittal response. I'm unsure of how else to proceed, as I've been told by others that they're also awaiting things from this person (some back from 2013) and I'd really just like to get this taken care of.

EDIT: I received my refund. This can be marked as resolved.
Tags: artist-linkaton-furaito, resolved
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