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Commissioner Beware - 100percentamazing

WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/100percentamazing//
WHAT: Full color commission with two characters - $60
WHEN: Requested June 10th; completed June 20th

EXPLAIN: The request for the commission was placed in mid June, and upon starting the commission, 100percentamazing provided me with a PayPal Cash Card number and informed me to withdraw the amount from that. When I contacted PayPal customer service, they informed me the card was empty with no funds on it.
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The image was completed and received approval on June 20th, with the comment that they would "pay when I'm able"
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When asked again about it a few weeks later, they informed me that they would pay on July 11th.
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On July 10th, they wrote telling me payment would be delayed.
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When pressed, they were unable to give any idea on payment time or a time frame.
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When confronted that I felt they had no intention of paying, they wrote to me that it was my "own fault"
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Use caution when dealing with 100percentamazing and it is recommended not to do any work before getting full payment.
Tags: beware, comm-100percentamazing

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