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Beware: Frindle

WHO: FA; Frindle


WHAT: Hypnosis Icon

WHEN: Commissioned March 19, 2015


EXPLAIN: Commissioned Frindle on March 19th of 2015 for one Hyno Icon when they posted a journal saying they were taking some. Eagerly I placed an order which was through Google Docs. After 2 months of waiting I sent them a message after they made a journal that if anyone had any questions to send them a message. I sent them a message because I was not sure where my commission was and that it did not show up on their Trello. I received a message back not too long after asking if I had ordered through Google Docs and that they were on a separate spreadsheet. Seeing as I had, I left it at that and figured that it would get done sometime soon. - Inquiring about Icon

Two months later, I noticed their queue was getting larger and figured mine wouldn’t be done so I messaged them asking for a refund as it was getting towards the end of the dispute period. - Original Message

Frindle apologized for the wait and I noted them my paypal for the refund. I did not receive the refund due to the artists typo of my paypal the first time and when they fixed the issue 2 days later, they only sent me a partial refund. I immediately messaged Frindle on FA, explaining that I had ordered during the time when they were $21 and not $15. Once again Frindle apologized and said they sent the remainder of the refund to my paypal. It has now been 4 days since then and I have not received the remainder of my money. I did send them another message prior asking if they had sent it (they did look at the message but did not respond to me) and I sent another and I am waiting a reply once again. - Telling about the mix up with the Refund - Current Outbox Message asking about the remainder

I’m losing my patience with this commission and it’s putting me a little on edge that it’s getting close to the end of the dispute period. Although it is only $6, it’s still $6 I would be out of with only 4 months of waiting, no icon, and a partial refund only to show it. - Proof of Partial Refund

UPDATE: July 27th
Received a reply back from Frindle saying they will refund me the remainder of my money (however it is $6 and not $5) when they get the funds to do so. I have no idea when this will be and the paypal dispute period is nearing the end (or it could be over, not sure but I know it’s 180 days is the limit). - Reply from Frindle
Tags: artist-frindle, resolved

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