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Beware: Ribbons.and.Fangs

WHO: Pastel_Paws *old account*, Ribbons.and.Fangs *active account*, MuttStar_Studios (commission account), Creepyinpink, and


WHAT: 2 Colored Headshots

WHEN May 12 2014

PROOF: I don't have the original journal but I do have the proof of payment and the follow up journal screenshot and replied emails and notes where she is aware of the artwork.

Follow up journal:
Original replied notes *she deletes my side of the conversation*:

Explain: Okay so Ribbons/Pastel/Sushi/Munstar last year posted a journal stating that she was doing I think 5 colored headshots. And since my friend's birthday was coming up I decided to order two of them and plus they were cheap and I was crunched for money. I had a good previous experience with her when I bought an adoptable from her and she was very nice and quick and responsive to my notes and questions. Plus I like her artwork and didn't see why not to buy something.

So I send her the money and we discussed in notes what I wanted. This was also around the time of FA's longer downtime so I got her email address just in case and she was okay with this. I'm a patient person so I don't mind waiting plus she said she was busy in the follow up journal and I didn't want to bother her.

In August of the same year I sent her a note asking for an update about the commission. And she said that she thought that she finished them and just forgot to post them and apologized. Which I said fine because she said she was done with them at least.
Proof of conversation:

She never posted the pictures. By then my friend's came and past and in October I sent her an email (I think FA was down that's why it was an email and not a note) and I ask her the same thing. She said the same thing and thought she posted it and asked if I could describe what I ordered. I tell her I checked both her pages and neither had the headshots and she apologizes and even says she'll upgrade my headshots to chibis or if I would like a refund. I choose the chibis and that I'll have a WIP soon. She never did that. I ask again in November the same thing and she apologizes again and says things have been hectic and that I'll see the pictures by Monday. Harley isn't her real name its the name of her character.

Proof of conversation:

All of that never happened. And that was the last time she ever replied back to any of my notes and emails. She'll open them almost within minutes after I send them but she never responded back to them. And I wait awhile to send her notes and emails (except for maybe two of them) so I don't bombard her or make it seem as though I'm harassing her. All my questions about updates are months apart but she just doesn't respond back.

On May 25th 2015 she finally responds back to a shout I posted on her page saying that she hasn't gotten an notes and hasn't checked her email despite the fact that FA has shown that she has opened the notes. But she states that I will get a refund.

Proof of shout:
Proof of all the notes I sent her:

It is now July of 2015 and she still hasn't refunded me, responded back to my notes/shouts/emails, or even made the pictures. I've tried contacting her one last time asking if she's getting my notes and that I was thinking of doing an artist beware. Once again she opened it and never responded back.

I even forwarded the email of the actual paypal statement saying that I paid her:

I see her post commissions that she gets from other people so she's active and she responds back to other people's shouts on her page ones that are newer than mine. So I do believe she's ignoring me.

And I know this isn't a lot of money. But I hate being cheated you know? I gave this person no real reason to ignore me when they responded back to me in a kind and quick manner earlier. Plus I paid her and she kept saying she'll do this or its done. If it's done than why can't she just deliver what she said is done so we can both put this behind us? She's a good artist and whatnot but I don't want people to go through this with her.

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