Neolucky (neolucky) wrote in artists_beware,

Pirate Cashoo - New name, Tellamine on tumblr

WHO: Pirate Cashoo, zombiepirate


WHAT: Adding another alias to Pirate Cashoo ---


First is Cashoos photo posted first on her regular name, second is her more recent name. Notice the date.

Second a post she replied to under the first name, again under the second name much more recently.

Age of the Tellamine tumblr.

Asking for commissions recently, this time for a laptop. If you scroll through the new tumblr, there is plenty of art and freelance work that has been finished. No mention of prior owed work.

EXPLAIN: Simply put, recently noticed very familiar art and did a little digging. Unfortunatly it truly is Cashoo, and it's upsetting that she's running to a new name without explaining anything at all to other customers. New customers have no clue.

EDIT: I have added a mirror image host here in case some folks cannot see the livejournal images

Tags: artist-pirate-cashoo/zombiepirate, update
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