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Auction Trouble (Advice)(Answered TY!)

Well I need a bit of advice with the situation that transpired. I'm leaving names out of this and its more for me.

There was an auction for an adotpable. I wanted it so I sat there because it was going to end pretty soon. I didn't know the owner disliked snipering but I did it. There weren't rules posted on the auction or any information reguaring this. (Or any rules or any thing really. Just the picture, ab, sb and end time.)

It ended and then the auctioner after it ended said they didn't like snipering and then increased the time for the auction.

Normally I wouldn't have said anything but there was no rules posted that this would happen. According to what I know that the auction ended when it ended. There was no rules or information reguaring that they could increase the time for any reason. There was nothing. So I wonder if it is illegal to do something like that. Increase the time of an auction that has already ended/ progress.

I can't picture that flying well in the normal auction laws or rules. Wouldn't as soon as it struck the end time become legally mine? Also even doing this during an auction already in progress? Would that be illegal?

(There was no sniper guard posted. Or I wouldn't have said anything in first place. I respect sniper guards because I would have agreed to them at the very begining of the auction.)

I figure as soon as you post in an auction you are agreeing to their terms and services but there was no terms or services posted anywhere or even linked to the auction. So I feel a bit cheated and wronged but am I in the right or in the wrong? Because this felt just like a spur of the moment change. I didn't agree to spur of the moment changes. I agreed to what was posted and that was nothing.
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