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Artist Beware: Ellis Cain/Octoplanet

WHO: Ellis Cain/Octoplanet

WHERE: Furry Craigslist on Facebook.
Post url in question:

WHAT: Pair of premade foam base wings for $100 + $25 shipping.

WHEN: For sale post went up on FC on the 8th of May, payment made on the same day.

PROOF: Proof album, will be pulling links from here:

EXPLAIN: A video of a pair of premade wings that were being sold was uploaded to FC on the 8th of may and as I am slowly piecing together a fursuit, I enquired. They were perfect for what I wanted so purchased them on the spot.
After some friendly back and forth I was given their paypal (which is actually another users, I am told they are business partners) and their furaffinity so I could look at their other work as I was interested in seeing if they would finish the wings (although I chose to leave it as a foam base.)
My first red flag was when they sent me this while I was out at dinner and I politely informed them of Paypal's ToS and resent the payment (still as goods and services).
After a couple of inquiries with no response, on the 15th I was told they would be mailed the next day
And then on the second I inquired again
On the 9th I finally got another response
Then no contact at all
I filed a Paypal dispute on the 22nd (Sill has not been responded to)
Eventually I had to go through the admin of the Furry Craigslist group in order to get a response (On Saturday 4th) <-response Ellis gave the admin.
It's now the 12th (as of writing) and I still have not gotten either my wings or a refund. I honestly really wanted those wings but I've been left feeling scammed instead. I am very glad I went with the rules and didn't send as a gift!

Update Monday 20th: Paypal sided in my favour last night after no response from Ellis, no contact from them via Facebook either.

Update Tuesday 28th: The user Ellis claimed was their business partner got in contact with me today. However, apparently they have no idea they were ever partners in the first place and are barely on speaking terms. I have permission to show you the logs with them and the logs of their conversation with Ellis.
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