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Copyright issues.

This is really weird, because I've had TWO people in this week contact me wanting me to make something that would get me into copyright trouble, and both of them decided that just changing the color would make everything okay.

I figured I ought to put up a little warning about them. Not that I really think any of you need it, as none of you would do a copyrighted design, but... just to let know that these furs are unethical enough to not care that they're stealing somebody else's character, so you might not want to do business with them.

First I was contacted by a guy whose name I don't know, he never gave it, but whose aol username and email is rc321. He wanted me to make him a dragon fursuit, and he INSISTED that it needed to look exactly like the red and white dragon made recently by LatinVixen. I tried repeatedly to explain to him that I couldn't do this. That it was both illegal and impossible. (I'm not skilled enough to copy something that exactly!) He kept telling me that it was fine, legally and ethically speaking, because his dragon was a different color. At one point he offered to pay an extra $1,000 on top of my $1,000 charge for a full suit if I would just agree to copy the LatinVixen design. I eventually gave him something of an ultimatum, a original design by me or nothing, and he said okay, that's fine, he'd get the original design for the lower price, but then he stopped responding, and I haven't heard from him since.

Then, just today, I was contacted by a Kent, who goes by mac4Kent, and who wanted a Lola Bunny (the WB character,) plush. He actually asked this question on my fursuit forum first, asking if anybody would do this for him, and I told him that nobody would, because they'd be in legal trouble if they did. Then he e-mailed me personally and asked if I would! I told him, yet again, that I do not make copyrighted characters, and her mailed me back saying that it was okay, he was going to make her a different color! Needless to say I told him that this wasn't cool, and that I couldn't help him.

So if either of these two contact you folks, you're now forewarned.
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