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It's been a YEAR since I paid 17$ for two LJ icons from chapeljax and I still haven't seen them, or the lineart/sketches he'd said he'd "done but can't color due to no tablet". Now...that pertains to digital coloring...but he could always try and color them with real media.

I can't get money all that easily, and I try to trust who I'm paying, especially if they seem to be popular, but friendly, like this guy.

I could always ask for my money back, but I've been told I won't get it, or I'd only get half of it back.

What should I do guys?

I have read his journal and the posts he's made, but waiting a year for icons is too much for me, and I'm normally a VERY VERY patient person. so..yes..what do I do?

I should note I have nothing against him personally. Just to clarify!

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