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Lost Contact: Loculi / Zasalamell

Im really tentative to do this because I know this user has a history of slow communication but.. I'm really starting to get nervous and anxious over this...

October of 2014 I commissioned Loculi of FA (Zasalamell on DA) for a beautiful painting of two of my characters. This wasnt a cheap commission, the most I've ever spent actually (minus fursuits) at $300 bucks. All was peachy at first great communicator got some lovely WIP's of the piece.. but about January of 2015 is when communication started to die down. Now I know life can super get in the way and work/school totally fine.. But its now June of 2015 and I have nothing but a WIP of my piece.. from 5 months ago.

I dont really know what to do.. I dont want a refund for this artwork because his work is some of the BEST I've ever seen.. but this non-communication waiting game is really killing me. Im at a complete loss for what to do.

I guess I'm seeking advice?

Edit: As of June 25th an email has been sent to Ryan seeking just some response. I notified him that if he fails to respond within 7 days from this day, that I'll regretfully be filing a chargeback via my credit company. thats worst case scenario.. like I stated id way rather have the artwork than the refund. But im so nervous as to me never seeing EITHER now.. that I cant just sit and wait. I follow him on instagram (have been since commissioning) and he seems to be posting photos regularly of himself or some artwork but never anything in regards to my piece.. from 8 months ago.. *sigh* trying to keep my chin up. so heartbroken.

Edit: as of June 26th after sending Ryan the email with the ultimatum of filing a chargeback and writing an AB about this user ive gotten a response! good news there! bad news is due to his current life situation he feels it would be best to just refund me. so heart broken over that.. but.. if that's what he feels would be the best ill just agree with him on that. Id rather have the artwork but if hes not comfortable working on art right now.. I guess its my only option.

wont mark this as complete/resolveduntil refund is in hand.
Tags: advice for commissioners, lost contact

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