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Advice needed

Hello, all. I have commissioned a relatively well-known maker to build a fursuit head for me. I commissioned them and completed payment in August 2014.

As the year anniversary gets closer, There is little to no work being done on my head. So far only materials have been purchased and the base is apparently cast, cut and hinged, though I have yet to see pictures of this.

I've talked with several of my friends and have come to the conclusion that I want to ask for a refund. They have a large queue, have been difficult to get in contact with, and keep doing other types of projects like sculpting new bases, going out of town, and making premades. A couple of times it has taken them over a week to reply to an email of mine, despite seeing activity regularly on twitter. I feel like the year will have come and gone before I see any progress on my suit, and I'd rather just put the money towards something else. At this point even if the suit was finished tomorrow, I feel so negatively about it that I don't know if I would enjoy wearing it.

The issue has to do with the deposit. They have a fairly common 30% non-refundable deposit used to purchase materials with. They have started the head, barely, but I'm relatively certain that I am entitled to the materials they have purchased, and the base (minus labor costs, obviously). Do you all think that this is reasonable of me? And if so, how do I go about asking for that? I'm going to request a refund either way, and am prepared to eat that 30% if I have to, since I'm just so sick of waiting.

EDIT: Thank you everyone for your advice! I'm glad I wasn't mistaken in being technically entitled to materials and whatnot. But after some long thought, I decided that the stress of pressuring the maker and having to deal with shipping (they are in a different country than I am) wasn't worth it. I requested a refund of the 70% that I am definitely entitled to, and they have agreed to return my money.
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