songstressfox (songstressfox) wrote in artists_beware,

Lost Contact: himebuns -- RESOLVED! Got back in contact!

SECONDARY EDIT: Got the art as well, and it's absolutely adorable as expected! Very pleased with it.

EDIT: Got back in contact with her! She responded to my note, explaining that school had kicked up and she'd gotten busy -- so with contact resumed I would call this resolved! Thank you!

Hello, artists-beware community!

Not a beware, but I'm looking to get in contact with the artist himebuns on deviantArt? I commissioned her in late March/early April (around Easter, she was doing a special) and she since seems to have dropped off dA. I'm happy to continue waiting for the art, it wasn't a bank-breaking purchase or anything, but knowing what's up would really ease my mind.

Does anyone happen to know where she might be?
Tags: artist-himebuns, lost contact

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