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Advice on Releasing Details?

As many artists are dealing with issues of people releasing their "pay only" content, I wanted to know what we could do about it to protect ourselves, as well as other artists from having the same issues.

Bascily what I want to know, is if its okay to release the paypal information of those who release "pay only" content for free on other sites? Just a name and their emails, not anything like their home address if one is listed.. I am not sure what skirts the line of doxing, or simply making other artists aware of problem customers.

Honestly I feel really bad just asking, but I think this is becoming a growing problem with Patreon and other such venues where artists are having their stuff released, and therefore harming their overall incomes.

Also, would it be better to let them know ahead of time, if they release the content, they forfit their details (again name and email only), to the net? Or is there a better resolution that I am not seeing.. Currently, Im just banning them.

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Jun. 17th, 2015 09:05 am (UTC)
I suppose I should have been clearer.

I was referring to what you had said earlier, not to anyone in this thread. I don't see anyone on AB advocating releasing peoples' info.


"This is why I asked, others had suggested it to me but it's something I felt iffy about. I just dont know where the line is, because here, the person's email is sometimes released."


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