Sharn River (11sharn11) wrote in artists_beware,
Sharn River

Beware: Toraneko

WHO: Toraneko

(Commissioned at ConFurgence 2015)

WHAT: Two-character shaded digital piece.

WHEN: So we organised everything on the 10th of January, and the following weekend (17th of January) , I received an email asking about details of the commission, which I sent through on the 20th.

PROOF: Unfortunately, I don't have any paypal information, as payment was made in person. Not wise, in retrospect.

On the 16th of Feburary, I got my first update, along with an explanantion that she'd just moved and hadn't had time to get set up (which is understandable).
I requested a couple of changes, which I replied to her with on the following day (the 17th)

And that was it. I sent another email requesting an update on the 29th of March , and almost two months later haven't yet heard a response. She seems to still be active on FA, but I can't get through to her.

Tags: artist-toraneko, resolved


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