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Beware: NukaFoxy3

UPDATE: Contact was made, work was finished to my satisfaction. Issue is now resolved. I stand with the other posting regarding this artist, as communication was non existent. My take away is that I will research more and keep on communication, as I think now that 3 months between contact points are a bit long.

Who: FA user Nuka_foxy3
What: Full color portrait of a character from a description.
When, Proof and explanation all laid out below

Pinged the artist on March 17th. Asked if she would be open to a description only commission. I was doing this in a batch with 3 others.
Commission idea was accepted, payment was sent.

paypal record.JPG
A journal was posted about 3 months later, she stated that she did not keep up with notes, and if her commissioners had not heard from her to contact her reminding her about the commission. I posted in the thread, she stated that she hadn't forgotten about it. (cannot post anything from this, journal was deleted.)
Sent a note on August 29th 2014 asking for an update. Got a fairly sharp response.
Sent the next note January 19th, 2015. Was assured that I would have something in a week. That was 4 months ago. No additional updates have been given.
This was my final note. She tells me that I need to re send her the details, as she has deleted the note. She had planned to have my things done in a week in January, and then decided to delete the note with the description between then and now.
I am writing this because it has been well over a year since the commission was agreed upon and paid for. I don't expect my money back or delivered product at this time. I followed instructions, I allowed the responsibility that should have been hers to be placed on me. She has broken 2 promise dates, and made me contact her to figure out if she still knew that she owed me work.
In the year that has passed, 80+ commissions have shown up on her account, and she has opened up for commissions and YCH's and trades and badges and everything else.

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