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Lost Contact: xSugarPill

Hi, I posted about this literally over a year ago, and I have to post about it again unfortunately. I commissioned xsugarpill on furaffinity, specifically Saturnine (the account is shared by 2 artists) on February of 2013 for a $30 traditional bust. I paid, and shortly after they disappeared from the internet posting a journal about a temporary leave. I posted a lost contact entry here after what I considered to be an excessive wait, and they got back in contact with me a few times and showed me progress. The last message I got from them was a little under a year ago, June 2014, and I haven't seen or heard from them since.
I know for a fact they had a long list of commissions when they went offline and that's part of what concerns me and frustrates me about this wait, because there's a possibility several other people have been in the same boat as me for what is literally years (I talked to at least one other FA member who is still waiting and unable to contact them), and I just want to either be able to find them or find somebody who's in contact with them/knows where they went. Last time I made one of these they replied and that was the only thing that allowed me to get back in contact with them, so I really hope this actually helps people get the art they're due after so long.

(With a wait this long I'm worried something pretty major might have happened and I honestly hope the artists are ok, but I have no idea what's been going on and that's what so frustrating/worrying.)
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May. 25th, 2015 04:22 am (UTC)
have you tried email?
(edit- i just read the previous entry you made to a_b and saw that you did have their email information)

here is a list of all of the accounts i was able to find (unfortunately most of them seem inactive as of late 2013) :
hopefully you could find some sort of contact information through there :/ it might also be worth asking some of their friends to text or call them in an attempt to respond to you.

its also probably worth noting this from their tos, as it seems they go through hiatus periods often:

We’re not sure where it is appropriate to put this but feel that it needs to be mentioned: both Antique and Saturnine have health issues which may come into play when it comes to finishing commissions promptly. Antique has a chronic pain condition and a back injury and Saturnine has a similar chronic pain condition which is still in the process of being properly treated. Both of us deal with pain that is exacerbated by sitting in front of the computer as well as drawing for long periods of time. We both manage our health with several medications/treatment techniques which help tremendously but we still have our bad days, so we would appreciate your understanding if we need to take a few days off to let our bodies rest while working on your commission. We will keep you updated should a significant delay occur. This will most likely not be a substantial issue, but we want to be as forthcoming as we can be about anything that could prolong the process for you.

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May. 25th, 2015 06:00 pm (UTC)
Yeah I know they have troubles with chronic pain but it's making me worried since I guess the lack of contact seems...longer than makes sense? Idk.

"hopefully you could find some sort of contact information through there :/ it might also be worth asking some of their friends to text or call them in an attempt to respond to you."

Yeah, I don't know who any of their friends are which is another problem, it made it hard to reach them because I didn't really know how to find them? It's a good suggestion but I don't know what people to talk to.

I honestly had completely missed their email the last few times I read that message, so I appreciate you pointing it out because I legit passed over it several times. Thanks for the help!
May. 25th, 2015 08:36 pm (UTC)
youre welcome!
as far as trying to figure out who their friends/close contacts would be, perhaps dig around the profile comment sections of their accounts.. just from looking at the xsugarpill fa account, there seems to be a few people that MAY have some sort of relationship with the pair.
it would be worth shooting them a brief note explaining that you are interested in hearing on the status of their mental/physical health and, if possible, for them to contact you. there really isnt much else i can think of, aside from just waiting to hear from them again!
they seem to go through hiatus periods extending over 6 months at a time, but they also seem to have a good track record of posting a detailed update once everything has blown over.
i wish i could be of more help to you, its always frustrating to deal with this like this, especially when there is a chance that one of them may be ill.
i wish you all the luck and i hope they get in contact with you again soon!
Jun. 30th, 2015 06:15 pm (UTC)
hey, im just curious (im a huge fan of xsugarpills artwork and im a little worried tbh ;m;), were you ever able to get into contact with them? are they okay? ;^;
Jul. 4th, 2015 08:24 am (UTC)
I got in contact with one of their friends and it sounds like they are going through some pretty heavy real life stuff that has prevented them from being online for a while & will keep them offline for a while longer. I was honestly gonna post an update to this but I wasn't sure what to say/if it would even be helpful to anyone lol.
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