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Beware: Tortle

WHO: Tortle

WHERE: Tumblr Weasyl , FA

WHAT: 5 pay-what-you-want Animal Crossing-style characters.

WHEN: September 4th, 2014

Full email correspondence, showing prices, items, responses etc.
Paypal receipt for payment.
Followup email from me; and latest one.

Contacted in september regarding some animal crossing style characters for myself and a friend; originally was 4 but added another character.  There was agreement, and payment was sent over. Time goes by, and i see or hear nothing of this commission on his tumblr - but other adoptables and posts taking on more work are posted before completion of mine. He was streaming templated characters and i'd joined and asked if he would be able to stream mine after, but i got a response suggesting he'd forgotten who i was/what my order was.

Waited a bit, then I sent him 2 emails asking about progress, and if i can get a refund because i have a shit job and would really like the money back, since nothing is being done with it. Responds with that he will be done in 'the next few days'.

Waited 3 more months, still nothing. Then tortle drops off the face of the earth, for months. He'd just returned to posting to his tumblr since the 5th of May. He's continuted to post as usual, but no mentions of commissions or past work being completed.

I've sent him an ask on his tumblr stating that i would post this if i'd received no response, and i have yet to hear from him either on tumblr or email.

TL;DR: So its been 8 months now, and i've seen no progress shots or anything from him. I have recently lost my job, and i am at my wits end because the money would help me immensley.

(Also, it's another point to note that on his Weasyl page, there are comments left from others that are waiting as long as me. I've contacted one of them, and her side of the story is similar to mine; No responds from him regarding refund or progress shots.)
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