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Beware: Miko-the-Fox


WHERE: Started at Texas Furry Fiesta 2015.

WHAT: Partial fursuit for RioThorbane on FA.

WHEN: Started at Texas Furry Fiesta 2015 to present. Started as a verbal transaction between Rio and Miko. I came in to start on payments and thats when things went downhill.

PROOF: Again, the agreement was verbal and continued on after the con through her and Rio.

EXPLAIN: I was attempting contact with Miko on March 9th to start payments.
I waited a few days and never got a reply. I contacted again on March 11th. Got a reply She was supposedly having issues responding to notes through phone and would hopefully get to a computer soon.
From then I waited...checking on her page occassionally, as she continued to post things for sale/gifts and answer people through shouts.
I attempted to contact her myself via that way and got no reply.
Then, with a mixture of bills and wanting to begin saving for a house, we needed to slow down luxury spending. I attempted contact again with Miko on March 17th.
Again, she read the note, with no reply. I attempted more contacts through shouts, since that seemed somewhat more viable, but was again ignored. Finally on March 24th I got a reply in my shouts.
At this point I was hoping all would be done with, but as the days dragged on, I had no contact with her. I shouted occassionally again, hoping to get a response. I cannot screencap all those sadly, as they have since been knocked off her page. But some are still there.
I had started losing patience.
April 11th Still no reply to notes or shouts.
May 4th
And suddenly I get a note from her on May 6th.
"stated on her facebook business page" Which is listed nowhere on her FA
And was never given to either Rio or myself.
This is also after promising the refund almost 2 months ago. I sent a note to point this out, albiet a tad out of anger.
As usual, the note was read and I was ignored.
but I'm pretty sure she's just fully ignoring me now, as I sent another note stating that if I was not to get the refund, I would file this Artist Beware and it has gone unread while she is still active on her page, buying things, posting etc.

I find it very unproffessional and feel that "no refunds" was suddenly put in place just to try and shut me up.
Sadly, the $40 downpayment that was given was cash at a con. So I cannot dispute it on Paypal or anything. I have a feeling I won't be seeing the money again, but people need to know about this.


No, she actually does not have a TOS, as a comb through her facebook shows nothing of the sort, along with her stating herself that she doesn't have one yet, instead showing more lack of communication and others demanding refunds.
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