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Help...? Possible beware?

Hello there friends! Please forgive me if I do something wrong... I have only posted to this site once before but never regarding a Beware/possible beware.

Back in February I posted a YCH auction. The winner was prompt to pay and sent over his references. I have never drawn a character of this species before so I was excited but scared as well! I did not want to deny him though because it was a rare opportunity to draw something non furry.

Time passes and I continue to work on things. I send him a WIP of the image to make sure that he liked it. Then he redline all the errors that he sees and I proclaim "Wow! Okay thats a lot! Ill fix him up and have him done by next week!". Sadly next week came but I did not yet have him finished. I was leaving for Japan for three weeks so all art had to be put on hold. I made sure to contact all my clients and let them know. The person in question never replied to my note.

I finally return home from Japan on March 25th. I take some time off from art due to jetlag, trying to get back into the right schedule, and also a few other stressful issues. I finish his image on April 2nd and send it to him. He thanks me for the art and my efforts.

He posts the image to his gallery and also posts it to Facebook(uses it as an icon also) and adds me as a friend on there.

Today I was scrolling down through Facebook and came across him and the picture. Someone had commented saying how they wanted to get an image from me. The person in question said that they "Would not suggest doing that"
and that I "Had a bit of an attitude when it came to edits". He also said I was "Unresponsive"??? He also said that I kept putting other YCHs ahead of his. This i have no proof of but I will admit I most likely did. I will admit my faults and apologize!

After reading this I was in shock! I commented to him apologizing and trying to figure out exactly when he felt I got an "attitude" with him. I had no intention to upset him! I was just hoping we could discuss the situation like adults so I could better understand.

He never replied. Instead he deleted my comments(If you can do that on facebook? Either way the comments are gone!),removed me from his friends list, and HEAVILY edited his previous comment.

I have screencapped everything! From the facebook comments to our notes through FA. I feel bad that he is upset with me. But I am confused as to WHY he keeps using the image if he had such a bad experience with me?

is this warrant to a Beware? Am I just being silly!? What should I do...
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