corghi (corghi) wrote in artists_beware,

Advice: Artists with bad reputations?

Hey guys, I recently commissioned someone and a lot of people, and I mean a lot, have warned me that this artist has a bad reputation with not doing owed artwork within a timely manner (we're talking more than six months - years) and I paid a heavy sum of money and I'm incredibly nervous, and even not handing out refunds when requested.

I'm not impatient, but hearing this news has me quite worried. I refuse to be taken advantage of and just wondered what to do about it.

Do I wait it out til Paypal's dispute is ending (I didn't send as gift, thankfully) or do I hope for the best and hope that my transaction goes smooth? Am I just being paranoid? I've paid a month ago and haven't heard anything from the artist since. When is a good time to ask for updates?

Thanks you guys.
Tags: advice for commissioners

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