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Artist Beware: thelxlbloodlxlprince/ blood~

WHO: thelxlbloodlxlprince/ blood~

WHERE: and/or

WHAT: I was supposed to recieve a custom male of his kitkin species.
Here is the original post for the auction:
Can also still be seen in his scraps here:

Here is my winning bid:
Which can also be seen in the above link to the auction itself.

WHEN: It has been almost 11 months since I won the auction. The official date payment was sent via Paypal on: May 22, 2014.

EXPLAIN: Roughly 11 months ago I purchased a custom kitkin from Blood through one of his auctions. I have yet to receive this kitkin, nor have I even seen a single WIP for my purchase. I have attempted to contact him several times, on a weekly basis to get some form of update. Here are several screenshots of our various conversations, they are mild on my end for the most part because I don't like confrontation and have been trying to be understanding and patient:

First note trying to find time to work on the custom-
I sympathize with his situation, offer assistance, and ask about my custom:
Here I am in month 4 of waiting asking if we can work on the custom:
That time never came, again, trying to be patient and understanding, I waited a while to press again. Here is his response to my concerns:
When still I had no custom and no WIPs to go with, I reached a few weeks after that, his next response:
Endlessly bogged down by excuses or attempts to make me feel bad for pushing:
The tarot reading I am referring to is:

Below are the back and forth from skype: (They are posted in the correct order)

The art total is now over 166 pieces between his 2 accounts that he has made since after I had won my auction.
Here is proof that he CAN get art out quickly regardless of his excuses and delays:
Here he posts a group of adoptables (just a few weeks ago):
Those who AB got a special additional drawing. Here he is finishing one of those said drawings one week later:

Blood continues to accept commissions and stream slots through journals. He has yet to reply to my last note regarding any of this which was sent over a month ago.
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