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SO um... I have 2 fursuit customers who have been paid in full for a long time, one since the start of August 2014, the other since June of 2014.

I have made tails for both and asked both for their duct tape dummies n such so I can complete the rest, and I have done so on more than one occasion, but I have yet to receive them. It has been months since I had contact with the June customer and I put up 2 shout-out journals on FA trying to reach them, the first in September the second in December. As for the August customer, once they paid in full they seemed to fall off the face of the planet as I have had zero response since that day.

My concern is at the prompting of my peers I raised my prices, and my prices have gone up a lot since last year. I already have it in my TOS that quotes for customers choosing to do payments vs pay in full up front are good for 6 months, and that one needs to pay in full within those 6 months to keep their original price because after that I am allowed to change the quote if I change my prices.
This clause in my TOS keeps me from dealing with past issues were I ended up feeling very underpaid once I was actually able to start a project that sat on my list unpaid for a very long time...

... thing is this time I have 2 projects that have sat on my list a very long time but fully paid for... I am back to the old issue of doing work I feel underpaid for...

....but is there anything I can do about it? I feel like I am in no place to change the prices...
Tags: advice for artists, fursuit
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