Tamara Stone (lgma8) wrote in artists_beware,
Tamara Stone

bad work help

So recently i had got someone to do some work for me. I looked at their examples and i liked what they did. Not bad work at all. So i decided to comission them. I got them to do a pin up of my scalesona. That was last week over FA. But i had a recent event that had me not being able to pay so i asked for my work to be put on hold since i didnt have the money. The next day i get a message it was done and a demand for payment. I had looked over the work and it was ok but so many things were wrong. So i told them what all was wrong. They told me they could fix it but that suddend demand and the sudden finished work had caught me off guard. Plus i even resent the message of me not having money at the time. But they still chose to ignore it. So i told them to redo the work at least. And having been with other people who i paid to do work for me, i thought it would take a few days. But it came in the same day. The work came in even more wrong to my character and it made me upset badly. What do i do and what do i say without seeming like a jerk? I haven't payed yet so i dont know what to do.

Edit: so i did get the money and i am still demanded to pay for art that i really didnt agree on.

(I would post images and links but on my phone due to no wifi)
Tags: advice for commissioners

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