noctowl (noctowl) wrote in artists_beware,

Advice ?

i guess i need some advice on getting a refund.

i was purchasing a character from someone on FA and we agreed that i could send the payment in instalments as the total was nearly 200 dollars. i got to send around $110 in course of few months and was almost ready to pay the rest very soon when the artist notede that they don't want to wait anymore and they'd just refund me. i was okay with this, i did want the character but i understood the artist not wanting to wait since it was already been 2ish months. i also owed them a trade which they had finished their part from so we knocked a small sum from the refund as i didn't have much time to finish my part.

i waited for the refund for month, then another. i didn't feel fair to contact them a lot about the refund because i felt hypocritical since i had taken so long to pay in the first place. so after 2 months i noted them and asked if they were going to refund me soon and they said they forgot that they owed me $90 and would send it soon. it has been over a week from that note and i haven't still gotten it. should i note them more often to remind ? they have been selling adopts and have gotten the money they owe me (and more) but haven't contacted me about it.

i'm to blame here too but i'm just thinking what i should do as i don't want to seem pushy. thank you.
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