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Advice on an art trade

I was lookign on facebook for a art trade partner, one person showed interest and messaged me and their examples what they linked from their FA looked good so i accepted. According to our messages he started drawing it right away (i mentioned if they could include gems in it because of my characters name and they said they already did that)
I had few parts i was unsure about tehir character so i showed them wips and asked if they had more ref pics of the character.
I wasnt answered to nor were my messages read at all.
This all happened in January this year.

I didnt think much of it, maybe he was busy, and just finished the work, i didnt send them new message about it thou since i had tagged them to a post of it and they still hadnt answered my messages.

So i sent them new message at end of February, just writing hey on it if they would just notice it and message me back.
I saw that they were active on their facebook wall and sent them friend request which they declined after few weeks.

I was getting worried taht maybe they are ignoring me or maybe they just didnt see my messages for some reason and declined my friend request by accident, on march 20th i sent message to their friend i had seen commenting on their stuff and got answer few days later.
I basicly asked if they could ask about my art trade since i explained that he has declined my friend request and doesnt answer me.
Well they did talk to them and accordingly this friend they got really mad when they mentioned my art trade missing.

I wrote them a comment on 31th of march that i would post artist beware on them if i didnt get an answer from them, their friend also passed my messge along and suprise he opened my messages and read it.

Its been more than week since that and i havent gotten any reply.
What should i do? Should i go about posting a beware.
I also noticed that his FA is unactive and he has list of owed art that is superlong in his profile, if i had seen that when he showed me the examples i would have declined.

Also what do i do with teh piece i did for him? Can i reuse it and put somone elses character on it sicne he didnt fullfill his end of the trade? First post so sorry if messy eevn when is just an advice one
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