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Beware: Furensics Studios

WHO: Furensics Studios

WHERE: (where the exchange took place) (inactive)

WHAT: A Furensics Studios logo t-shirt.

WHEN: T-shirt sale post uploaded on August 1, 2014.
Payment sent on August 19, 2014.
Most recent post from Furensics is March 16, 2015.

PROOF: Proof of payment, $18

I owned a secondhand suit that was made by Furensics Studios in 2012. On August 1, they posted a t-shirt design that they had made and were putting up for sale. I wanted the shirt to wear with my suit at conventions, so I showed interest.

Original post by Furensics

A "last chance for t-shirts" post.

I paid $18 via PayPal on August 19, as shown above.

On August 28, they stated that their t-shirts have been sent to the press to be printed up.

On September 6, they posted that their t-shirts were ordered late, so there would be a little bit of a delay. The shirts should be shipped by the end of September.

On September 21, she said that she had gotten a big job outside the furry fandom. I include this because I feel it is what caused a lot of the delays for commissioners.

On October 12, she made a big post which outlined her future plans for Furensics (closed indefinitely) and admitted that she is having difficulty keeping up with her commissioners.

On October 23, I PM'ed them asking for an update on the shirts. She stated that they had been ordered late again but should be arriving soon and will be shipped out.

On October 27, I emailed her PayPal email in an attempt to get in contact. I got no response.

On December 1, she apologized for the month of silence and stated that her work schedule would resume normal pace. She said t-shirts should be expected in December or January 2015. I made a comment stating that I had sold my Furensics suit while waiting for the shirt. At that point, I was considering asking for a refund as I really didn't need a shirt for a suit I no longer owned. On December 9, in my conversation shown previously, I let her know that I had sold my suit and gave her the new owner's address so the shirt could be sent to them. It took her two weeks to respond to that message.

After about a month of silence and no communication, she posted on January 10 that she will work on responding to messages and is devising a comprehensive system to make communication easier and to show due dates for commissioners. After that post, she went quiet again.

Over time, me and several other people posted on their page asking for updates. She did not respond to any of them. Admittedly, I was getting extremely frustrated by this point.

On March 16, she made a post explaining that she will be responding to all messages that week. Unfortunately she has deleted the post and I did not screencap it. After that post, she made this one asking if she had missed any messages. I received a PM, stating that my request for a refund was reasonable and it should be sent to me ASAP. I still have not heard from Furensics since the promise for a refund.

I have sent her an invoice requesting a refund of $18. I do not know if that is advised but it seems to be the only way to get her attention. I have given her seven days to pay the invoice.

She stated several different dates that the t-shirts should have been ready. At this point I do not know if I or anyone else will get their refund. It seems she has a pattern of going silent for about a month before making empty promises of refunds or products. I highly recommend avoiding this artist. I will update this post if I receive a refund.

Update Aug 19, 2015: I still have not received a refund. A post was made by Fursensics on April 23 about getting everyone refunded. Since then, 99% of the communication from Furensics has been on that post. Here's a huge screengrab of the entire post. There's a lot of writing on that post so I'll try to break it down. I highlighted myself in blue.

-Brooklyn claims that she will have everyone refunded in the first week of May
-May rolls by with no refunds or communication
-Brooklyn claims that her computer was broken for a few weeks but she has it back and will be posting every day or so
-She claims to have gotten a new job and then disappears from all communication for almost a month.
-She comes back and says she understands everyone's urgency but doesn't really provide any sort of update
-She disappears again for another month. When she comes back, she offers payment plans.

One reason I came up update this entry is because today (08/19) is the anniversary of when I sent her money for the t-shirt. She sent me a PM last Saturday, 08/15, saying that she will take care of my refund over the weekend, which she has still not done.
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