skiota (skiota) wrote in artists_beware,

WHO: Frisky Beast (I have no idea if they have other aliases


WHAT: 3 Extra Soft Silicone Eggs for $14

WHEN: January 27th


I got the paypal invoice and paid that day and never heard anything so I asked for an update (below):

I got the refund today (April 5th).

EXPLAIN: I ordered these on January 26 (paid) and had to constantly ask for updates, finally after waiting 3 months I asked for a refund which I received. I had ordered a sample set prior to this with no problem and wanted another set of extra soft for an ovipositor toy I had purchased. I have no involvement with the current artist or furry community and have been out of it for about 3 years, so coming to order something like this really puts a bad taste in my mouth. I don't care what personal drama or whatever the community is up to these days, all I was interested in was some eggs for a new toy. If I did this at my job we would be out of business, especially as we sell time sensitive material. Very disappointed.
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