Arinaca (arinaca) wrote in artists_beware,

Lost Contact: RukiX on Furbuy/Okirudisenchanted on FA

I'm trying to track down a seller on Furbuy called RukiX - (went by Okirudisenchanted on FA)
Myself and my partner bought a partial to be finished as a fullsuit back in September and the last email we had from her was at the end of Feb and she was great at replying and now nothing. The emails aren't bouncing back or anything but getting kinda worried now that everything was going well and the deposit we paid is now past the paypal chargeback limit D: Thankfully the second payment isn't yet. Definitely starting to get worried though.

I was able to get in contact with another person who it seems she isn't contacting and I was able to get her FA name, but it seems to be disabled, no idea for how long though D:
Tags: lost contact

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