Jane Vakarian (Jane Vakarian) wrote in artists_beware,
Jane Vakarian
Jane Vakarian

Advice: Paypal invoices.

How do you prevent a client from marking the item as shipping needed, when its digital goods?
This never happened until recently, so I assume the invoices got somewhat of an up(down)grade.

Now, they want me to input tracking and shipping receipts.

Ive talked to the people who do mark it as needing to be shipped (or put in an address), and they said they dont realize thats what it is for.
I've been having to send them their money back and redoing the invoice, which honestly can take 1-2 times depending on if the client understands what they're doing.
I cant walk them through it since I haven't received an invoice recently to know what changed.

Will paypal be on my butt for not providing a tracking number?

EDIT: Thanks bros! So much useful advice.
I will check my preferences and settings since thats where the problems lay i guess. :)
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