shysheri (shysheri) wrote in artists_beware,

Artist Cranked-mutt

WHO: Cranked-Mutt


WHAT:A ych Piece purchased November 26, 2013

WHEN: Payment was made November 26, 2013  proof

PROOF: January 25, 2014 First note explaining why theres been no progress or worjk done on this ych.

Her offer to make a chibi work instead February 14, 2014

my response of okay

EXPLAIN: So after purchasing this, and months going by, she had a million sob stories of all this horrible stuff in her life, I just let it go. Then with her account being banned, I did try to file a paypal dispute but it was beyond the allowed timeline. I tried emailing the addresses she left behind when her account was banned.
My last attempt to reach out

She never responded. I don't plan to ever see this work and I hadn't worried about posting an Artist Beware until the rumor began she is operating under another name now. Hopefully no one else loses there money.
Tags: artist-cranked-mutt/sparsile, beware

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