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Advice needed: Not paying?

Hello all,

I've been taking on fursuit commissions for about 4-5 years now. There's been a few small bumps in the road with customers (which I have written about previously on here) but now it's getting funky with financial problems.

Late December I opened for commissions again. I took on 6 slots. Of those 6 slots, 3 people are not even close to half-way done with paying for their fursuits. In detail, 1 person is a previous client so I trust her; 1 works a few jobs and does pay as promised but with an irregular and not always agreed to amount; 1 has paid 1/6th of the commission but is waiting for a big check.

What's killing me even more is that another client of mine, a friend, secured a slot from me last April and STILL has not finished paying it off. They expect it for a convention in July. It's only a head and paws, I'm nearly done, but the kicker is that whenever I ask if they're going to pay they say "next week", then upload commissioned artwork from other people onto their FurAffinity a few times a week.

I've had to raise my fursuit prices because of the delay (plus was undercharging to begin with) but is there really anything I can do so I can actually get these commissions done and not spend months with the same list? I already make pre-mades on the side and try to remind them once every 2 weeks or so if there's no communication from the other person with their said payment due date (ex: every week, once a month, etc.)

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