dasakiv (dasakiv) wrote in artists_beware,

Advice needed.

I'm having a touch of trouble with an artist and thought i would ask you guys for advice on this.

Is it wrong of me to insist that an artist finishes a picture as was agreed upon at the time of commission, or am i the bad guy for not accepting something entirely different because the artist doesn't feel they had been paid enough to suit their prices 3.5 years later?

I had traded a physical for a 2-character image in mid-2011 and the image was only just finished in the last week and is nothing like what was 'paid' for, or even the correct number of characters...

So I ask, am I wrong to say that I don't consider the image acceptable, and is this something I should make a full beware about if contact with the artist fails?

Edit: I think I'll give them one more chance to make things right before I post the beware.. Should I let them know I intend to make a beware and how would I do so in a way that doesn't come off as threatening?

Update 3-20-15: The artist and I have come to an agreement, they will be refunding me in the form of sending the item (a pair of trading cards) back to me and putting this to rest.
Tags: advice for commissioners

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