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Artist Beware: randombelle and jl2154

Commissioner: Randombelle
FA: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/randombelle // DA: http://bellybumdrum.deviantart.com/
Payee: jl2154
FA: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/jl2154 // DA: http://jl2154.deviantart.com/

WHERE: Accounts listed above, primary contact through FA notes and Skype

WHAT: 2 Charge backs on 2 completed commissions (DEC)
3rd Charge back from account again on FEB 19th 2015

The commissions:
Posted to my account:

Posted to their account:

WHEN: NOV 2014 - FEB 20th 2015

Chat logs when charge backs happened and our agreement for repayment:

Paypal logs of chargebacks:

Sorry they aren't in perfect order, i went through my paypal account and screen capped all pertaining to the email address. Note that there are 3 separate transactions.

Link to journals where i simply state because of charge backs from people using a 3rd party account i will no longer do business with persons who do not have their own Paypal account: http://fav.me/d8ir5et

Chat logs between us on FA and DA:

EXPLAIN: I received the original two charge backs on December 8th 2014 from the paypal address of the boyfriend, jl2154. The girl, Randombelle, was the one who i had most contact with as she was the one who ordered the commission.
We agreed on the commission and i sent an invoice to jl2154, for the amount agreed upon. My paypal account is a verified business account and i only conduct business through my invoices, never allowing people to send money directly to me. My invoice states my terms of service and policy, meaning he has to accept them if he is paying the invoice, which is a contractual agreement by receiving my invoice and then paying it. The commissions, as listed above, were finished a month prior, in November.
You can see my skype chat logs above where i contact randombelle about the chargeback. She tells me that her boyfriend's account was hacked and had problems with fraudulent charges, which resulted in my invoices being two of the charges that was charged back to his account.
Note that i ask several times for the actual charges to be reversed and i offered that if they did this i would send back the money they gifted me to cover the expenses. I was most concerned with covering the -$90 balance and removing the flags from my account.
The case went uncontested and was closed, so i kept the refunded money they gave me and dropped the issue. Since the issue was closed by paypal i expected that he never went in to cancel the actual charge back.

TD;LR: The first two charge backs for two separate commissions were reimbursed by jl2154, through a separate transaction of money, and not canceling the charge backs on my account. Case closed uncontested and i let the issue drop.
Please note i was never contacted directly by the payee jl2154, i spoke only to his gf Randombelle who assured me the issue was being resolved.


Third charge back was received February 19th 2015. My balance was -$62 as shown in the screenshot galleries above.
I made a journal on both DA and FA, since i have had the problem of people using third parties to pay, that i would no longer be accepting persons paying with a third party and that i wanted ALL transactions to be between me and the commissioner only.
I stated no names but gave a vague description of my current situation and my frustration, as it was late at night and found myself in a similar situation with the same two people as before. Journal is linked above and i will not be taking it down on either site.

I noted Randombelle BEFORE the journal, telling her i had another charge back from her boyfriend's paypal. The journal was not to call her out before i made contact, as i never even mentioned names, only to express my irritation and policy change.
I linked above our notes, with both randombelle and her bf jl2154

I expressed I wanted the charge back reversed and was told it wasn't possible because the account had a history of hacking and Paypal had seized control of it.
From jl2154, as shown and screen shotted above
"I can NOT access that account, it is now controlled by paypal since December.
that's why I have a new account."

screen shot:

I declined to send an invoice for the owed amount to the new account, as invoices can be charge back on and i wanted to avoid this situation again in the future. I asked that the money i was owed be sent to my paypal address directly if they could not close the claim.

He didn't send directly, instead sent an e-check that took 5 days to clear. And i was nervous of this because i googled it and e-checks can be charge back on in the future, a problem that has been frequent with this person. I didn't want to find myself in the situation again.

I do not believe that the charge back was a result of paypal's error. If what jl2154 says is true and that the account has been frozen by paypal for several months then there should be no charge backs issued from that account. I was inclined to believe the hacking story the first time but the second time, several months later has set off several alarm bells.

His story doesn't make a whole lot of sense, and they avoided questions, only going so far as explaining it all with 'hackings', so i think that neither of them tell the whole truth.

Also i did not appreciate that they told me multiple times not to post to AB
The boyfriend specifically told me in comments (screen capped above)
"You might wanna be careful with the AB thing cuz they could counter saying you didn't contact the actual person paying directly."
Screen cap of his comment and my responses
Making it sound like he was trying to pass off blame and responsibility.

TL;DR: This user has a history of 'hackings' to his paypal account and used a security compromised account to send payments, resulting in 3 separate charge backs to my account.
I was reimbursed for the charge backs but ultimately lost $20 to a 'debited charge back fee" from paypal
Which i was told "On occasion, Paypal will take a $20 fee from you for iirc, the case being open at all."
He didn't reversed or resolve any of my charge backs even though they were asked multiple times and told them i didn't want a separate transaction.

I'm not pursuing the $20 fee because the girl already had me blocked after the incident so i just did the same in return to them. To me the $20 isn't worth the headache of dealing with them again. As I couldn't anyways because she blocked me.

In my honest opinion i would avoid these two.
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