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MushyMutt, Con't: An Unresolved Art Trade

I have wanted to share my story for quite some time now, because I know so many people have had similar ones, but until now, I've just been to shy. My long-time fellow artist and friend courageously stepped forward and shared her experience, and so I am going to follow suit.

I was watched first by MushyMutt back in March of 2011, to my own great surprise. Later on that year, I asked to do an art trade with him, to which he replied quickly, and exuberantly. After a while of working out the details, which took an abnormally long time for someone who seemed initially quite excited about the trade, I submitted my half in December of the same year, a few weeks after we agreed on the specifics. From there I sat back and waited patiently for Mushy to uphold his half. Four months passed, and I began to wonder if he had possibly forgotten about our agreement, so I decided to ask him if he was still going to complete his part. He assured me that he was just busy but was still planning on doing it. So with that information, I waited. Again.

At this point I really should have seen the red flags here; four months is too long to wait for an art trade, especially with no responses or updates that didn't elicit my prompting and questioning, but I still took his word that he would complete his half. So I waited again, this time for an entire ten months. I finally got up the courage to ask again what had become of our art trade, and the response I got was less than pleasant. I was confronted by his partner, SilverDeni, who had nothing to do with the situation in the slightest, but none the less informed me on Mushy's behalf that he did not want to do the art trade with me because I had "copied her art".

Deni's accusation was false, nor did it have anything to do with the initial trade agreement between Mushy and I. As seen here, there had been credit given in the descriptions of the pieces in question to both artists. I apologized for any wrong I might have done, as I thought that by giving credit to the artists who inspired a few of my pieces, I had done my part to respect originality. However, the apology was not accepted, I was ignored by both of them, and later on, Mushy hid my comment.

I find it very insulting and unprofessional that Mushy never took it upon himself to speak to me directly, as I would have been more than happy to accommodate in any situation. I also felt ganged up on, as he felt it alright to let Deni deter the situation by publicly posting false accusations, and presenting them as 'excuses' for not finishing our contract, long after I had already put forth the effort to get my part to him on time. However, a few days after I received an answer to my, now I assumed, cancelled trade, Deni submitted a picture on which Mushy left a passive-aggressive comment I felt might have alluded to my situtation. Now this may have had nothing to do with me at all, but the fact that it was just barely days after my confrontation with the two, it just really felt like another jab directed at me for "copying", as I had been wrongly, and miscontextually accused of.

To make my final point, even though my part of trade still lives on my gallery, I did not receive any art from MushyMutt that I was owed. He later unwatched me, and refused to ever speak to me again, alongside SilverDeni, who also refused to ever reply to anything I ever said to her after that point. I would advise artists that involving themselves future, art trades, as well as commissions with MushyMutt serve to present an unprofessional and rude experience. Please use caution around this artist.

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