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Artist Beware: Aberforth/Feralxx

So, I ordered a keychain off this person a while ago, they were having some sorta deal, I didn't think to get a screencap of the journal back then, so I have no proof of that, only notes.

WHO: Feralxx, Aberforth

WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/feralxx/ (disabled), http://www.furaffinity.net/user/aberforth/ (disabled)

WHAT: A keychain/trinket of Sora from Kingdom Hearts

WHEN: May 2014

PROOF: Conversation:
Payment proof:
Follow up note:

EXPLAIN: I ordered this from her, when I saw a journal/submission. We spoke (link above), she sent an invoice and I paid.
I forget about it for a bit since she said it'd take a bit and I'm cool with waiting.
So, I remember just this year (yes I'm silly), go to check and her userpage has been diabled.
I found her new page with some help, and send a note and post on her wall, once each, just in case she has notes disabled.
Go to check again today and this page has been disabled so, I'm pretty sure she's intent on not doing the work or refunding me.

I fully recognize I should have checked up on it earlier.

I can't get any proof of the wall post, but it said
"Hey, I don't know if you have notes disabled, I was wondering if you could please get in touch with me?"
I could contact her on her paypal email, but I doubt it would help.

EDIT: Sent an email and message on her active Facebook. Still no response.
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