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FA Server Times and Auctions

Am sure many of you have seen the issue with FA server times not matching comment/note times.
Don't believe this is beware worthy, but definitely something I thought I would throw out there since this has been happening to a lot of people. (And it really is a complete bummer.)

In this example -
The auction end reflects 8PM Server Time.
Now, I am in EST timezone, so the server time in itself matches my own timezone.
Yet when I comment, it shows up with an incorrect timestamp - like the comment was made an hour late, even though the comment was on time.

Example -

Now, I addressed this with the artist, or tried.. They don't speak English well, (Spanish I believe for Uruguay) and this was the response I got..

(No I didn't screen shot my bid time, the bid was made at 7:35PM server time, I messaged the person I was going in with, we gathered our info, and sent it on over. I clocked out for lunch at work so I could make the bid on time, and since I am in EST the clock out was same time as by bid.. )

Now I honestly didn't expect my bid to be hidden since it was made 25 minutes before the end of the auction. Hence.. why I didn't take a screen shot of it. I never ran into a problem with the artist before.. Really was in belief they were honest, so I didn't think I should have to.. And without the screenshot for that, then I really didn't think it was AB worthy, yet they did note me they purposely hid my winning bid..

My real question, I suppose, is what is the best route to handle this so they don't do the same to others?
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