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Beware: Asuhinee-Adopt

WHO: Asuhinee-Adopt. Goes by Asu, I believe

WHAT: A digital chibi commission of an OC with another character

WHEN: We agreed to the commission, and I paid, on January 8th 2015

Our agreement to the commission:
Proof the she recieved my payment (I am Cheri-Bomb on dA):
Her TOS, stating an approx. 2 week wait:
The reminders I sent; one at 2 weeks, one at 3 weeks and one at a month:
Proof that my notes were ignored (bold text means not read):

I commissioned this artist back in January, because they had a lovely art style and their prices were very good. We agreed to the commission, and I sent the payment. At first she wanted me to send the money as a gift or pay her Paypal fees, which should've been a warning sign. I work on eBay a lot, so I knew sending as a gift was a bad idea, and opted for the fee payment instead. I actually had no idea that this wasn't allowed until I saw this community, so I won't be making that mistake again. Anyway, I sent the money and a note to go along with it, asking what the wait time was. She read the note (the one at the top of the screenshot, which is why the text isn't bold), but never responded. Essentially, once I paid I lost contact with her. I searched her dA, but there was no other methods to contact her, and her journal said a two-week wait. So I just left it for 2 weeks, thinking nothing of it. I heard nothing at the 2 week mark, so I sent a reminder and left it another week. Still nothing. At 3 weeks, I sent another reminder and warned that if I do not hear anything by a month, I will be looking into getting my money back. And... still nothing. So at the one month mark, I opened a case on Paypal. I still have had no response from the artist, and have escalated it to a claim, so I should be able to get a refund around the 24th.
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