leswamp (leswamp) wrote in artists_beware,

Need list of reliable furry artists.

Hi everyone.

Before anything else I want to say that many of the furry artists I've gotten work from have been good about meeting deadlines. I also want to say that they are all very talented. :) I also want to make it clear that while I do have a few pieces in the works right now, this post is not about all the artists I'm currently waiting for.

I don't want anyone leaping to any conclusions. :)

(If you are one of those artists and you are concerned just contact me directly.)

Now then, here's my problem.

I have had some serious problems getting work finished on time with a disheartening number of furry artists just lately.

I wonder if artists understand how important it is to complete work when they say they are going to?

For example, I often comish work as birthday gifts and I always make a point to do so at least a month in advance and usually more so. What happens a lot of the time is that I pay in full in advance and the artist promises to have the work completed by a certain time. Then the promised time rolls around and the work isn't ready.

This isn't an isolated incident either, it's happened a lot.

This puts me in a position I hate which is to nag because nothing is worse than having to give someone an IOU for their birthday.

Now as the mother of a special needs kid I totally understand that things don't go smooth. I get that, I do.

I am saddened to note however, that when I comish work from non furry artists the work is always on time. Every time. I've never had this problem with the non furry artists and I know a lot of them.

Additionally, I would not be at all upset if the furry artists in question simply didn't promise the work would be ready within a specific timeframe. If they'd be honest from the very beginning about having no clear idea when they'd be able to finish something I'd know they were the wrong person to comish for anything time sensitive. I'd probably still hire them for work too, just not time sensitive work.

I'm dealing with an artist right now who's driving me up a wall. They promised the work by May and here I am into June and needing the work very shortly with no idea if it'll be on time. Worst of all, this artist rarely returns email and never does so promptly.

It's just sad that I wind up commissioning non furry art more often because the non furry artists have a better track record when it comes to reliability.

I want to change that.

So here's where I need your help.

Can you guys help me compile a list of furry artists with an excellent track record for meeting agreed upon deadlines?

I generally commission 15-20 pieces a year, (general, not adult) and would love to give my business to artists who can get work done on time.


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