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Question: Is it okay to contact?

Approximately ten months ago I commissioned an artist and have not heard from them since. In their initial commission journal they had a statement saying: "PLEASE NOTE that I usually cannot give updates on commissions while I'm working on them, since it's just too much for me to keep up with since I'm busy enough as it is. Though I will make sure to show you the commission once it's finished and make requested changes/fixes to it if necessary before I post it." Which I thought was a little odd, but I've commissioned this person in the past so I decided to go ahead and commission them again anyways. Five months ago they updated everyone with a journal explaining why there was a delay and that they would be getting back on track soon. The last commission they posted was four months ago, and the last piece of personal work posted was three months ago. They're completely silent on all of their other accounts so I haven't missed anything else as far as I know. Overall their turn around seems consistent, albeit slow, so I'm wondering if it would still be acceptable to contact them? I'm not asking for progress, just some kind of confirmation that I am in fact in the queue.

Also, this artist seems very anxious and shy so I'm worried about upsetting them. Part of me is afraid that any contact at all will cause them to get upset and refund me. Which I really don't want, because I love their work and was absolutely thrilled to snag a spot. Any and all advice is very appreciated!

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