TheOwlette (theowlette) wrote in artists_beware,

Help me! Commissioner won't accept refund?

I held a sketchbook auction several months ago, with the assumption that it would be a quick two-week process. The auction winner has been dragging the process out for months and months, requesting change after change and giving vague directions. He's a really nice guy, and it's not a personal issue, it's just that we don't seem to work well together.

I have offered multiple times to refund him 100% in full and give him all the sketches I've done so far (about fifty different sketches, some even lined and 2-character), but he has absolutely refused in every instance. Honestly, it's to the point where I just want to pay him and be done with it, but he refuses to be refunded, and insists that I complete the commission (which at this rate could take another year or more).

What do I do? It was a huge mistake to do this auction, and I know that now. I just want to be done with this!
Tags: advice for artists

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