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Lost Contact: Furensics Studios

I really didn't want to have to post this here, but has anyone been able to get in touch with Furensics Studios recently?

I ordered a t-shirt from them back in August and sent payment on the 19th. It's coming up on 6 months now and I still haven't received it. I sold my Furensics fursuit back before Christmas and I got permission to re-route the shirt to the new owner when it shipped, and that's the last I heard from Furensics. The message was sent on December 23.

The most recent post on their facebook page is from January 10.


As you can see, that calendar didn't happen. I realize she's busy because of a big career move in her life, but I'd just like some sort of update.

I have a lot more screencaps of the whole exchange but I'm reserving those in the event that I need to post a full beware.
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