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Beware: Kammymau

WHO: Kammymau, Mandymau, Mandymau5


WHAT: Headshot sketch

WHEN: Paid on the 29th of December to be delivered on the 5th of January. Refund deadline of 3/4th of February.

PROOF & EXPLAIN: Originally I was going to wait until I've received my refund, but after how unprofessional she's acted I feel I can post it now just dealing with her attitude alone.

Kammymau posted for 12$ headshots on the 29th of December which I quickly nabbed up and sent payment for that same day. It was stated in the journal that they were "For Next Week" and my slot was for "Monday." Later in the week, red flags popped up regarding her attitude towards commissioners, and I began to become wary of whether or not my slot would be completed on time, namely the 2nd of January when she posted this journal. Luckily two days later, the 4th, she stated she'd be back to work.

On the 5th, my date, she posted she'd be working on headshots that day, but needed 4 more slots for it to be a "batch." ???
By the end of the day there was no sign of the headshots being done, but on the 6th she posted she'd do them when she's "free again" followed by an art block journal the next day.

I continued to wait, and finally on the 20th I sent a note requesting an update. She replied that she updated in a youtube video? and that she'd be doing it next week. On the 26th she posted a journal saying that she accidentally deleted SAI followed by that her computer may have a virus.


After taking account of the advice from an advice post I made here, combined with what I had witnessed in stream and being not 100% sold on her continued excuses, I sent a note stating I'd be more comfortable cancelling my commission than waiting an undetermined amount of time for it.

She replied rather aggressively, which I was shocked by.

I replied and tried to be as to-the-point as possible, expressing that I had never agreed (nor could find?) a ToS.

She replied with one of the most unprofessional statements I have ever seen, and made me feel extremely uncomfortable as a commissioner. Furthermore, if she had sketched it, why not have brought that to my attention first instead of after I insisted on a refund? I sent my final reply, stating I'd wait a week again for the refund.

She still has two days before the deadline I gave hits it's mark, but on the 1st she posted a journal that I felt was also another strike against her professionalism in direct relevance to this situation.

In conclusion, she does great work but has an overall poor attitude in regards to separating her business and personal life, as well as handling her clients, and has issues meeting deadlines.

EDIT || I actually paid 15$ instead of 12$ which I forgot to add in.

On 2/3 I sent her a note as a reminder before I disputed the transaction. She replied, then shortly after posted this journal. ( I've also now received the refund.
Tags: artist-kammymau, beware, resolved

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