Celestina Ketzia (celestinaketzia) wrote in artists_beware,
Celestina Ketzia


Who: Teahound

Where: https://www.weasyl.com/~teahound
http://www.furaffinity.net/user/teahound (inactive)

What: $30 story commission

When: June 2013

Proof and Explain:

On June 11th 2013 Teahound opened for story commissions. I took a slot for $30, and we took the conversation to notes. We got the story idea hashed out and I sent payment shortly after.

Checked in during August 2013
In November 2013 I checked in again and decided to take a refund.
Subsequent requests for my refund have come up with nothing.

Recently Teahound made a journal on his Weasyl stating he wanted to get in contact about owed work. I've emailed him, but that has gone unanswered to this date.

A glance at his Weasyl journals shows that he's still taking commissions to some degree, yet I am owed a refund since 2013.

Edit: Shortly after posting his Teahound has been in contact with me.

Edit 2: Teahound and I worked out that I would be happy to accept the equivalent of Flight Rising currency. So far he has paid me 1,000 g which is equivalent to $10 USD.
Edit 3: Another 1,000g paid on 02-06-15
Edit 4: Another 1,000g paid on 02-07-15. This is now resolved.
Tags: artist-teahound, resolved

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