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Beware: Incorgnito


What: Discounted Digital 2 character colored sketch for $25.

When: I paid for the commission on December 22, 2014

Explain: Incorgnito opened for discounted Xmas colored sketches on the 22nd of December:
The same day, I sent them a message via note requesting a 2 character image: NSFW
I was told that it would take about 1-2 weeks:
On January 14th, I sent a note requesting an update:
It was read and subsequently ignored or forgotten.
On January 21st, I sent another note requesting an update:
It was not read until I sent another note on January 25th informing them that I wanted either an update on my commission, or a refund: Note that in this I mistakenly said it had been nearly 6 weeks, but I had meant to type 5.
Their response:
The sick journals they posted:
I asked if I would have it complete before the end of January:
Told told me they weren't sure, as they were still sick:

My biggest issue is the lack of communication. They told me that they hadn't been responding to notes because they were sick in bed, but despite being too sick to respond, they were still fairly active, posting YCH's, Journals, and commissions: NSFW
I expressed to them my frustration with no communication from them, and informed them that if it couldn't be completed before the end of January, I would like a refund:
I was told that they do not offer refunds:
Also, they apparently forgot how long ago I commissioned them, as they state that it has "only been 3 weeks you've been waiting when I said 2. It's only a week after the approximate date I gave you and the entire week it's been "late" I've been sick." which is not correct.
I grew increasingly frustrated and sent this note:
They get angry with me, and accuse me of blackmailing them:
I deny that and once again try to explain my frustrations:
They attempt to provide more places to contact them, as apparently FA is not their main profile:
At this point, I was far and beyond done with dealing with them so I ask again for a refund:
Looking back, I also realize they said "about one to two weeks" not exactly 1-2 weeks, but the priciple of them not responding to me still stands.
They sent me one last note, accusing me of "literally threatening" them and being unprofessional:
This was the note that made me decided to post them to AB. They remind me that I only paid X amount compared to their usual cost, and that I'm throwing a fit because I'm not getting my "fap material" due to their lung infection.

Overall, this artist uses their sickness as a reason why they were unable to respond to notes, despite being on consistently enough that they should easily have been able to respond with some sort of update. When confronted, they shoved their "no refunds" TOS rule in my face and accused me of blackmailing and threatening them, which is untrue. They also reminded me that their are other people in their queue that have waiting longer than I, though I couldn't have had anyway of knowing that, and then they offer to show me their names, which is definitely not appropriate. Twice they forgot how long it had been since I had initially commissioned them, even though I repeatedly told them it had been 5 weeks.
I also noticed that three times they mention the number of people in their queue, and each time it changes, from 10, to 12, to 5. This inconsistency confused and concerned me.

I recieved my refund so I suppose it's "resolved" but that in no way excuses their behavior. It was a hassle dealing with this artist, and I don't ever wish to go through something like this again.

Tags: artist-incorgnito, beware
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