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Help finding originals

This guy is obviously a tracer:

It's easy to tell by the lines in his pencil pieces; he claims they're sketches but the lines are single shakey lines, deviating and erased/corrected only where he slipped while trying to trace the original work. There's no construction lines or smudges even though he's obviously not very adept at sharpening lines and cleaning noise digitally.
Not to mention the fact his style and skill-level varies hugely from a Gendy Tartakovsky style to anime and Disney.

Subjects: Wolf's rain(?), Inu Yasha (a fangirl favorite), Balto (same as Inu Yasha), Danny Phantom and Sonic.
If you could find the original screenshots/artwork I'd appreciate it a lot.

I already found a screenshot of the TLK trace, it's the scene before "I can't wait to be a king" where Zazu tells Simba and Nala that they're betrothed.
You can see it in action here:

Arshes-Nei found this original:
For this copy:

Preyfar discretely contacted the tracer and it would seem that he took his traces down.
Doesn't look like he's banned to let's hope that he'll start uploading his own art.

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