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Luke Stocks
Luke Stocks


WHO: Swizzlestix

WHERE: Inkbunny: (banned)
And Furaffinity:

WHAT: I ordered a colored, cell shaded commission with three characters and no background. Cost me $110

WHEN: I ordered the commission in august, 2014. While I have had him be slow on commissions before, he always got them done. This time seemed longer than before and when Inkbunny went out of their way to email everyone that were owed by swizzlestix, then I knew something bad was happening.


EXPLAIN: He has put a journal up when he got booted off of IB.
But that was over a month ago and I have emailed him twice and put a FA note up. The note has not been read and the email never got any replies.
I hate to put someone up on here but he has several months to even get a wip ready. As of today, I know of one person that has received their commission since the journal been in place. I would already have put up a chargeback if it wasn't for the fact paypal has a 45 day limit, which is long since expired.

(Added some links due to small jpeg sizes. Hope they help. )
Tags: artist-swizzlestix, beware
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