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Artist Beware: Crissrudolf



Digital Art

May 2014 - Present

First image not part of current incident, just to represent what lead to present. Read below for details.


In May 2014, myself and another artist held a collab ych. There were specific rules to the YCH. One of those being if the bids were retracted, hidden, ect. The user responsible would be blocked. The user Crissrudolf, whom I had no previous quarrels with, had bid on this auction but later hid his bids and told me he didn't want to bid any more. I politely told him that as per my rules, he would be blocked for the time being. Later, for one reason, or another, I had gone to his page, and saw a previous artwork I had done for him had been replaced with the image "FUCK OFF MIRERA" as seen above. I did not confront him personally, but reported to the admins. It took a bit, but the image was removed. I thought the problem was dealt with, and we could both move on.
Then, in January 2015, I return to his page to check and see if anything was amiss. I saw that he had re-uploaded my artwork I had done for him, only he went as far as to crop out the signature and gave no credit what-so-ever. I left a comment on his page, asking that he either re-submit the correct file, with the signature intact, or to not use my artwork at all. He hid my comment, and did nothing to change. I left the same comment on his weasyle submission, and once again, he removed my comment, and did nothing. I reported to the admins on both sites.
Since my husband works with me and handles costumer problems/support, he contacted Crissrudolf and informed him that what he was doing was against copyright laws, and to either fix the problem, or there would be legal action. Crissrudolf responded, saying along the lines of he did not want to promote me, and that he owned the artwork. He then proceeded to block my husband. A little while after, I checked up, and saw that Crissrudolf had updated the submissions with the correct file that included my signature, but not without slandering me, and saying I was "bitching".
I did nothing personal to this individual. He did not follow the rules on an auction, and consequences were dealt, as with any other user. I did consider unblocking him after a bit, once the auction was over, and henceforth not accepting bids from him, however, once he decided to do what he did the block remained permanent. This user obviously does not respect me as an artist, and would slander/throw a hissy fit at the first sign of not getting his own way. I would not doubt he would do this to other artists as well.

EDIT: Also found out he didn't add an artist tag here: https://e621.net/post/show/454848/2014-anal-anal_penetration-anthro-balls-biceps-bla (NSFW)
Tags: beware, comm-crissrudolf
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