gamedoge (gamedoge) wrote in artists_beware,

Advice on asking for a Refund?

Hi there!

I'm really just seeking advice on a course of action. I ordered a commission, sort of a quick discount spot, that was labeled as to be done by the next week. I paid the last week of December and the commission was to be finished around the first week of January.

I've sent a note about progress and the artist (going on 4 weeks late) has said that it would be done this coming week, but has posted journals that are very dis-concerning to me and red flags are shooting up everywhere that this won't happen.

I rarely order commissions and the appeal of this was that the turn-around would be quick, but I'm very worried and unhappy that it wasn't so. If the artist fails to meet said dead-line, would it be appropriate to request a refund? (Also, they have no visible ToS.)

Thank you.
Tags: advice for commissioners

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