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Traci Anne

Advice for commissioner?

I really don't want to name drop or anything just yet.
But really looking for advice.

So this artist normally posts auctions like "YCH (NOT AUCTION)"
But with a set price, the price I agreed to was 50$ when I claimed the piece as first post.
I was first post, so I set over my info. Two others posted after of course after just missing it...
Then I received this response from the artist...

To me this seems dishonorable.. I have never ran into this before.
Normally first one to post wins for the set price..
I didn't expect for the artist to come back with that type of note, which is the only
reason I didn't take a screen shot of the original post.. And since it was on FA I attempted to go back in my browser where the artist then deleted the original posting..

Is this something that would warrant an artist beware?
I honestly do want the piece, however I can't help but feel betrayed/conned and looked at like a dollar sign.. He ended up getting me up to 65$... but it's still as far as I understand, if you offer something for that price.. it should be sold for that... Not I received an offer for someone offering me more can you top this?... I just don't find it fair and looking for a bit of opinions on something like this?

So all in all it just seems like it is bad/dishonest for someone to do something like this.
But it also leaves a lot of open 'What If' questions. What if there was was no note for a better offer? Why not just respond that you apologize and would like to list it as an auction instead? (That way people can clearly see other bidders, etc.)

It overall does seem shady - and I will not be personally commissioning an artist that does this, or participates in such dishonest practice. I also find it unfair to not warn others of such a practice happening, but I suppose they would have to do such more than once for it to even possibly be considered an appropriate AB.

Otherwise, situations like this leaves honest commissioners like myself in the hands of someone who could potentially be lying, who should have just listed the said picture as an actual auction in the first place for followed the simple practice like others do.

I appreciate all the honest input you all have given me!
Tags: advice for commissioners
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