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BEWARE: Nefur-Studios


WHERE: Either or

WHAT: Full Color w/ background digital drawing of my character.

WHEN: October 21st


1: Original Post about Commissions:

2: Comments I made with Nefur's responses on the Original Post:

3: Note stating they were a little sick and it could be a delay in completion:

4: Piece has started and will be completed "next week":

5: Checking in with Nefur note:

6: Shout on her page to contact me:

7: Message to a friend:

8: Another of Nefur's commissioners reaches out to me:

EXPLAIN: October I came across an artist who was doing some wonderful artwork and noticed they had a piece in their gallery that said “Emergency Comms [3 slots] OPEN full detail 10-25$” and I was SHOCKED. The artwork was STUNNING regardless if they were doing emergency ones or “full price” I wanted to commission Nefur!! So I posted on the piece that I’d take one where they promptly responded with a note asking for the details (reference images 1-2) where we worked out the price and I promptly paid! (Fast pay makes fast friends in my book!)

Now on that same day they mentioned that they were a little sick, and that it might be a bit before they get to me and I was MORE than happy to wait their recovery and for my turn! Im quite a patient person within reason. (reference images 3)

Well they messaged me on the 23rd stating that they started my piece and I would have it by the end of the next week! Goodness fast turn around. So I patiently waited for my commission and didn’t message them regarding this piece in hopes that I’d be seeing it the following week. (reference image 4)

Well November rolled through and no communication. I thought oh well maybe something came up! So I waited. December is now rolling through and two weeks ago (Dec 11) I shot her a Note on FA asking if she was ok and that I hadn’t heard from her in a while. (reference image 5)

With no response a week later I posted a shout on her page, asking her to please contact me!(reference image 6)

Still no response so I reached out to a friend on her profile asking if she was ok. Her friend told me she was fine, dealing with some troubles and away visiting family. Well I post on her DA because it appears it’s the only place she’s active for her to PLEASE contact me. I’m past my PayPal dispute/refund period, and I'm out of communication with my artist despite seeing activity on her Deviantart account. (reference image 7)

Its since been 3 weeks since my last attempt to contact Nefur with no response from her. I did however get a response to my shout on her Deviantart page from another person who commissioned Nefur LONG before I had who is also suffering from non contact from this artist. (reference image 8)

I have since contacted Nefur on DA/FA about either giving me my finished piece or a full refund to which, no surprise, I havent yet received a response. This is my last hope in getting my art or my money. If I can't even get those I'd more than anything just like to warn other commissioners to be cautious of this artist as it seems they are a scam, and will more than likely take your money and avoid you. *sigh* The commission wasnt for very much money but for me thats money I could be spending on an honest artist who would actually produce a finished piece.

EDIT 1: adding the page break so I dont take up the entire front page of A_B

EDIT 2: the artist is now in contact with me again! Just got a note after a few months of trying to contact them!

hopefully we see some progress!!

EDIT 3: Nefur posted a rather.. upsetting journal which I feel was indirectly... directed at me. They explained how they didnt intend for it to appear they ran off with peoples money, they dont trace, and that apparently I've pushed them to attempt suicide (kind of freaking out like holy crap i didnt mean for it to go that far!! what do i do!?!? i feel so bad now guys oh my gosh!)

I responded to the journal because I felt MY side of the story should be shared as well. In fear of my comment/journal being deleted I screenshotted the whole thing.

I asked for a refund for fear of A: not seeing the art or B: it being traced and I'm 100% against owning stolen art.

Edit 4: its been a week (1-22-2015 today) since Nefur has stated that they were working on my piece. Have yet to receive anything, updates, notes, anything. low hopes are low.

Edit 5: its now February 3rd and I have yet to get anything, a response, a note, art, a refund.. anything from Nefur. Left a shout on their page. losing hope. *sad panda*
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